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Established November 2013
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Dave Juson was born and raised (mostly) in Southampton, and has a had lifelong passion (to date) for his home town and Southampton Football Club. Interests he turned to his advantage on entering further education in 1996 – first at Ruskin College Oxford, then at the University of Leicester – his BA dssertation was snappily titled Genesis: of Southampton Football Club. An account of the development of Association Football in Southampton and St Mary’s Church of England Young Men’s Association Football Club, 1885–1888.

Shortly before becoming a student Dave had been one of the five founder members of the the Hagiology Publishing collective, “dedicated to the collection and dissemination of accurate information on the history of the Southampton FC.” Tragically, the association came to an end in July 2011 when Dave was “DISOWNED” for crimes too despicable to recount here less they corrupt the reader – but usually get a laugh when related. However, he remains (to the best of his knowledge) an official historian of Southampton FC and a contributor to the Saints’ Official Matchday Magazine.

Dave’s specialist subject at university was Anglo-Saxon historiography and he researches and writes  – for surprisingly modest fees – on various subjects, including local heritage, maritime history, sailing and folklore; his by-line has appeared in a number of publications, including Hampshire: the County Magazine, When Saturday Comes, World Soccer, Folk on Tap and even, jaw droppingly, the Southern Daily Echo.

Author! The Oeuvre Acknowledgements & sources

Having reviewed this section it occurred to me, first, that I should be making a good living writing Oscar acceptance speeches and, further, I should feel guilty about not mentioning my mother and breaking into tears. That aside, thanks are due to Simon Williams, in his capacity as editor of the Southampton FC matchday programme, for his kind advice and tolerance. Thanks are also due to my former colleagues  Hagiology; I’m particularly indebted to Gary Chalk, the most assiduous of researchers, Saint and memorabilia collector extraordinaire.

Further, gratitude is due to Gary, again, and Duncan Holley for their 1987 book, Saints: a complete record of Southampton Football Club (above), which remains an indispensable tool for those writing about the Saints. Thanks is also owed to former Hagiology member Norman Gannaway, whose researches on football and cricket in Hampshire have proved priceless.      

Most thanks are due – as anyone connected with Hagiology will gladly acknowledge – to the libraries, archives, librarians and archivists that facilitate research. I am particularly indebted to David Hollingworth, his predecessors and colleagues in “Special Collections” in Southampton Central Library and the Southampton City Archivist’s Office. The following have also proved of invaluable assistance: Southern Daily Echo Library; the Hartley Library at the University of Southampton; Portsmouth Central Library; the Lansdowne Library Bournemouth and the British Library Newspaper Library at Colindale.

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