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Established November 2013
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Welcome to  Deftly Hallowed,

Gosh! Is it the close season already? Deftly Hallowed has not been updated since last October and there are still book reviews pending and a season to be picked over. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with some of the backlog in the coming couple of weeks.

I am also hoping to revamp the timeline and make the site easier to navigate. Such dreams!

Incidentally, Lawrie McMenemy’s autobiography (see below) has now been published in paperback. I am only aware of one other person who has a copy (and he hasn’t read it) so I was surprised to see a second edition. For the record, nothing Lawrie writes about me is true. Nevertheless, I remain chuffed to have warranted a mention.  

Enjoy the summer!

Dave Juson       Thursday, Jane 1st, 2017

Click here to read about Charles

Miller introducing football to Brazil

and his Southampton childhood

Click here to read about Saints’ tour of Brazil in 1948

And click here to read about the ex-Saint and future Saints’ Chairman who refereed a World Cup Final

Southampton:  cradle of  Brazilian  football content

If you are seeking knowledge of Saints’ general history the easiest way to follow it, on Deftly Hallowed at least, is via the timeline accessed by the navigation bar aloft.

More esoteric content can be perused below.


Did you know that The Dell was the first British football ground to have a permanent floodlighting instillation?

Here is how  and why:

Charles Miller was returning to his native São Paula after 11 years of education in Southampton, having learned football at school and representing the Hampshire FA and Southampton’s most prominent club, St Mary’s FC.

Brazil dates the introduction of the beautiful game to its shores as October 1894, when the dapper fellow right disembarked from the S.S. Magdallena, with, legend insists, two footballs and a copy of the Hampshire FA rulebook in his luggage.

The Brazilian connection

Saints in Brazil – 1948

All Lit Up! book reviews

There is something of a publishing boom in Saints related books at present, I happened across a book luridly titled Saints and Sinners: Southampton’s Hard Men in Waterstones in West Quay yesterday (September 18th), which means there will be at least five books competing for our book tokens over Christmas.

Deftly Hallowed, being devoted to the education and enlightenment of the Saintly masses, will undertake to review all of them before Christmas shopping is undertaken in earnest. In the meantime, if former Echo Saints’ correspondent and Club programme & website editor Graham Hiley or his publishers would like to send me a copy of Saints and Sinners I would be deeply obliged.

Would you know what a robinsonada or a chaleira was if you saw one?

Common soccer terms in the Czech Republic and Brazil, respectively, they are derived from the names of old Saints. Deftly Hallowed tells all.


Curiouser and Curiouser - SSJ

Which former Saint connects Southampton’s greatest loss, Nazi propaganda, British counter espionage, D-Day and  crosswords?


Curiouser and Curiouser - LSD